Our Team

Cristina Saggese

“The thrill of discovery is what drives me to seek out new business opportunities for our clients”. Being on top of trends, having an awareness of new product possibilities and making connections is what I do best. Since the start of 3D, our goal has been to create a company that is based on the idea that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’. My clients can count on my skill in strategic thinking to seamlessly bring your company together with the right team of professionals to protect and propel your brand.

Daniela Gavaldon
Account Director

“Having the freedom to create makes every day a pleasure to be a part of the 3D Team”. I believe that when people work together for something bigger than themselves, they create quality and set the standard for others to follow. My mission at 3D is to continue the legacy of excellence with intuitive ideation, creative Brand strategies and personal, enthusiastic and thorough Customer Service.

Carol Guiteras
Product Development

“The process of evolving an idea into an finished product brings me great joy.” With an eye for design and a strong attention to detail, I pride myself on the ability to connect clients with exceptional new product opportunities. Working as a liaison between the licensee and the licensor to create and build the best new products possible, from the beginning design phase through the final production process, is my strength. At 3D, we thrive on keeping brand offerings fresh and new to keep up with the ever-changing world that we live in. Adding value and new sources of revenue to your brand is our expertise.